Blueprint Gaming’s Alien Antix: An Overview

Blueprint Gaming just a few weeks ago released their first grid slot to the gambling community. Some people felt uneasy about how close Dragonfall was to Jammin’ Jars. Others were thrilled with the volatile features that may work together and generate huge wins. Whatever the case may be, Blueprint Gaming has returned with a second grid slot that is mechanically similar to the original. The two works couldn’t be more different thematically. This new installment of Alien Antix takes place in outer space and is populated by adorable mini monsters. When compared to its forerunner, how does it fare? Let’s just teleport up there and see.

The game’s swinging doors open to welcome players aboard. They’ll be greeted by a grid of 64 symbols across 8 rows and 8 columns. As plasma bursts rip through the purple alien planet in the backdrop, galaxies whirl above. The score is a futuristic-sounding melody that sounds like it was composed by Samuel J. Hoffman and Theremin. As an aside, while on the moon mission, Neil Armstrong listened to a recording of Theremin music. Envision the Apollo 11 crew floating aimlessly in space to the accompaniment of those uncanny warblings. What a fantastic vacation idea! OK, let’s go back to the action. So, the grid is swarming with aliens, but they’re the cute kind. To start the ball rolling, players must first select a stake level, which can range from 10 p/c to $/€500. There’s a little something for every type of gambler here, though the win limits may make high rollers think twice.

The cluster pay mechanism is enhanced by cascading victories. Payouts occur when matching symbols contact horizontally or vertically in clusters of 5 or more. In order to make room for new symbols to fall into place, winning clusters are eliminated from the grid. When no new winners appear after a chain reaction, the wheel is reset and the process begins again. Six standard pay icons can be found in the paytable. All of them are brand-new players, and they’re all little monsters from space. They are more Monster Inc. like animals than HR Geiger. They go from brown to purple, green, pink, yellow, and a fiery orange in the highest rank. Everyone shows joy or boredom in their own unique way. Clusters of 25 or more of the orangey-red creature are worth 100 times the stake.

The return on investment (RTI) is solidly established at 96.43 percent. Volatility has not been confirmed, but it is likely to be moderate to high. Both are reminiscent of Dragonfall, which is well-known as Blueprint’s most risky slot to date. Dragonfall was known for its high-intensity rides and generous payouts, but recent changes to the bonus round have disrupted both. Except than that, both slots offer standard fare.

Similar to Dragonfall, the wild symbol in Alien Antix unlocks some of the game’s most exciting scenarios. The wild icon is an atom in motion, and it can appear anywhere on the board. This icon can stand in for any other one. It stays on the grid and goes to a nearby vacant place before the next cascade if it’s used to assist construct a win. Win Multipliers for Wilds begin at x1. The win multiplier is increased by one once a victory has been processed. Having multiple wilds in a cluster can increase the payout significantly. In theory, there is no upper limit to the size of a victory multiplier.

Colossal Symbols is a random event that can occur at any time during play. When the player takes a fall, the screen shakes and large symbols are added to the board. The enormous alien symbol represents all of the roles that they fill. Wild symbols, however, are an exception and are not changed.

Given the lack of a dedicated scatter icon, the wild will have to fill double duty. When three or more appear anywhere on the board, the Colossal Capers Free Spins bonus round is activated. We are awarded 8 bonus spins on Win Fall this time. They added two more, and changed the rules, compared to Dragonfall. This time around, sticky wilds won’t be present for the length of the bonus round. In its place, Colossal Symbols will appear on each and every free spin. This modification makes the free spins round completely different from the one in Dragonfall.

Final Say on Alien Antix by Blueprint Gaming

Just replace the dragons and eggs in Dragonfall with aliens and nebulae, and you’ll have a very decent idea of what to expect from this game. However, the free spins round is significantly different due to two crucial modifications. Two more of them exist, to begin with. Two, wilds do not have a sticky quality. Unlike with Dragonfall, Alien Antix does not grant you with the possibility of unlimited chains of wandering wilds and multipliers. You also don’t feel the disappointment when things doesn’t exactly work out. However, with Colossal Symbols, you can expect to win on nearly every free spin.

These adjustments serve to further define the gap between the two slots. Which is the more desirable boils down to how you would like the free spins to play out. Dragonfall is the more extreme and potentially dangerous of the two. Slot Alien Antix is softer and rounder than others. Potentially, the game has a win ceiling of $250,000 or 50,000 times the bet – whichever comes first. That’s a really high number, obviously. It will require high-stakes betting, however, to even come close to challenging that limit. You can expect to win between 500 and 1,000 times your initial wager if you get 25 or more of the red guy and a couple wild multipliers. It’s considerably more challenging to string together massive multiplying wins without sticky wilds during free spins than it is with Dragonfall.

Although it lacks the polish of other grid slots on the market, Alien Antix is still a good game with a unique theme and enjoyable symbols. The game is similar to Dragonfall in many ways, but it also has certain key distinctions that make it stand out from its more tumultuous sister.

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