Fortunes of the Ancients: Zeus

This is a “By Zeus!” Ancient Greeks thought that by calling on Zeus, the father and supreme commander of the gods, they were contacting the most powerful being in the cosmos. They believed that if they could just reach Zeus, their luck would turn around. The premise of Ancient Fortunes: Zeus is just that. This fantastic online slot was created by Triple Edge Studios for Microgaming, and it takes you on a journey to the summit of Mount Olympus. Put yourself through the ringer of the spinning reels and follow the multiplier path all the way to the clouds above to meet the big guy. The bonus round in Ancient Fortunes: Zeus is incredibly divine, and you can spin like a god thanks to his thunderbolts. Let’s get down to brass tacks and examine the fundamentals of this fantastic game.

Detailed information about the Ancient Fortunes: Zeus slot machine

The greatest online slots, like Ancient Fortunes: Zeus, always provide a great foundational experience for players. Once the game has loaded, you’ll see a 5×3 grid that’s embedded in what seems like a fortress wall made of massive stone blocks, with a spectacular mountain range in the background. Since the multiplier increases with each successive victory, the game is not static, as suggested by the multiplier trail above the reels. Instead of traditional spinning reels, rolling reels have new symbols drop down from above to fill the empty spaces left by winning combos, creating more opportunities to win.

Symbols from Greek mythology are beautifully depicted and fill the reels. The top-paying symbols are the Greek gods, while the lower-paying ones are things like vultures, panthers, snakes, and krakens (or enormous octopuses). Hermes is the messenger of the gods and the god of war because of his winged sandals, while Poseidon rules the seas, Dionysus is in charge of winemaking, and Ares is the god of battle. The wild sign, depicting Zeus in all his splendor, is the most valuable icon. It’s a fairly neat trick that he can alter his form to stand in for any standard sign. Zeus wouldn’t be Zeus without thunderbolts, therefore those are abundant as scatter symbols and rain down onto the reels.

The music that plays in the background is appropriately majestic, and both the desktop and mobile casino versions of the game look amazing.

An Overview of the Ancient Fortunes: Zeus Game

The first step of every journey is the hardest. To reach the summit of Mount Olympus, one must first make a wager. Your bets will pay off in either direction if you line up three or more identical symbols on one of the game’s 10 fixed paylines. In other words, unlike in many other online pokies, winning combinations can occur both left to right and right to left.

With a minimum bet of only $0.10 and a maximum bet of $140 each spin, this game is suitable for gamers of all budgets. If you want to know what your chances are of winning and how much money you may win, check out the pay table.

Ancient Fortunes: Zeus is a casino game with a medium volatility, making it a decent compromise between jackpot amount and frequency of wins. You may give the game a go in demo mode before deciding whether or not to pay for it. Here at Ruby Fortune Casino, all we care about is that you have a fantastic time while playing New Zealand-themed online slots.

Exceptional attributes of heaven

Those who believe that Ancient Fortunes: Zeus’s luck cannot be duplicated should play again. Scatter lightning bolts have no preference as to where on the reels they land. The free spins bonus round activates when three or more of them appear on an active payline. If you get three, four, or five thunderbolts, you will receive 10, 15, or 20 free spins, respectively. When you hit it big, Zeus towers above the reels in all his majesty, adding a whole new dimension to the gaming experience. During these bonus rounds, your odds of winning are maximized. This is due to the fact that the multipliers awarded by the multiplier trail increase from 1x, 2x, 3x, 7x to 3x, 7x, 11x, 21x during the bonus round. If you’re playing a mobile casino game, that’s four wins in a row, and you’re on a 21x multiplier. It’s also worth noting that there’s a cap of 50 free spins that may be retriggered during the bonus round. To sum up, it’s easy to see that Ancient Fortunes: Zeus is a fun slot machine to play.

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