Plunder: A Rundown of the Slot Game

Since Lewis Carroll first published Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, fans have been coming back to delve further into the surreal world Carroll created. Both slot producers and players frequently return for more dose of the weird and another chance to wring some additional cash out of the system. When compared to this, “Relax Gaming” keeps things grounded by having gamers loot a low-key version of Wonderland. Players employ a bonus game featuring a roving, progressive multiplying wild that can expand in size when it lands on a hotspot to accomplish this goal.

The Plunderland slot machine is a 7×7 grid machine that generates winnings via cluster payouts. For a slot machine by Relax Gaming, the visuals are quite generic and bland. In Wonderland, everything goes in terms of images and effects, allowing you complete freedom of creativity. When developed by a company like Relax Gaming, you can probably anticipate some very out-there visuals, sounds, and quirks. Plunderland is surprisingly one of the more subdued Wonderland machines. While Alice relaxes on the grass to the side of the grid and reads, the maze and forest in the background provide a soothing backdrop. When free spins are active, the Mad Hatter throws a tea party, although it’s more like having tea with Mary Poppins than a trippy hallucinogenic experience.

Although Plunderland’s presentation may leave much to be desired, the numbers are hard to argue with, at least if you enjoy games with a high degree of volatility. Those calculations have been given a perfect score of 5 stars, and the game’s RTP of 96.43% when playing regularly and 97.14% after purchasing the feature are both excellent. This more sedate side of Wonderland may be enjoyed on any mobile device, from 10 p/c up to £/€100.

When at least five like symbols appear in a row, either horizontally or vertically, the player has won. The tumble mechanism then clears the area for fresh symbols to fall into. Repeated tumbling occurs until no new clusters can develop. There are six different pay symbols in all; three are relatively low-value flowers, and the other three are the high-value Alices, Hatters, and Queens. The best paying clusters had 32 or more symbols and paid out between 150 and 500 times the wager.

Featured in Plundering Slots

Almost every aspect of Plunderland relies on the White Rabbit wild symbol. Its primary use is to substitute for standard symbols in the calculation of cluster payouts. Every spin has the White Rabbit wild, which advances toward the bonus feature following a cluster win.

When the White Rabbit wild approaches the center cell of the game grid, known as the hot spot, he grows in size. The initial growth is 22, followed by 33, 44, and 55. When the enlarged wild contributes to a win, it disappears as part of the cascade, only to resurface on the reels in a smaller, random size. If he reaches the zone before the round is over, he will grow to the next available size. When utilized in a cluster win, the White Rabbit wild also provides a win multiplier that grows by 1. Between paid spins, multipliers reset to their original values.

Free Games with the Mad Hatter

Six extra turns are added to the game clock when three scatter symbols appear during play. Neither the wild’s multiplier nor its potential for growth will reset during free spins. When a victory involves an extended wild, it disappears and returns in a different location. Anytime throughout the bonus game it approaches a hotspot, instead of starting again at 2×2, it increases to its former size.

Incentives to Purchase

If you don’t want to wait for the necessary three scatters to land naturally in the standard game, you may pay 70x the wager to guarantee their appearance on the following spin.

Judgment: Slots Country

Plunderland is a welcome return to reality after Relax’s recent stellar output of games. It appears that the team’s primary motivation for working on this project was to relax rather than show off. Plunderland is not a horrible game by any stretch of the imagination, but neither is it one of those nail-biting slot machines that makes you feel like you’re on a roller coaster without a seatbelt. Once we understood how everything worked, however, that annoying ingenuity really grew on us.

During the bonus round, there are times when the features from both Jammin’ Jars and Fat Rabbit come together to create an exciting momentum. To say that Relax are masters of entertainment would be an understatement. The main tease (or frustration, if you prefer) in Plunderland is the wild’s ability to expand during free spins, only to contract back to its normal 1×1 size after being utilized to complete a winning combination. Reaching the mythical 5×5 dimensions might be challenging, but it’s comforting to know that the following time it hits the hotspot, it grows to the previously attained size.

When both the expansion and multiplication components are in play, the White Rabbit wild’s progressive multiplier may be a huge help. It’s not as simple or fulfilling as, say, Royal Potato, where you just grow a wild symbol and watch it rack up victory after win. Repeated expansions of wild symbols seemed unlikely since they were often placed on the grid as far away from the hotspot as possible after being expanded. However, during Relax’s test spins, a win of 10,266x the wager was recorded if the player got it right.

As a result, Plunderland is not the place to go if you’re hoping for a vibrant, full-color version of Alice in Wonderland. The work of Play’n GO and Big Time Gaming’s White Rabbit (the game that started the feature buy trend) is instructive in this sense. If you’re looking for a happy Fat Rabbit knee-slapper, this isn’t the game to play. Plunderland may appear like a fun garden party, but it’s actually a serious place with real opportunities for those who are willing to put in the effort.

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